Songs we sing, at Wildfire

We've not managed yet to attach song sheets with words, or recordings of our own singing (hopefully we may get to that eventually), but here are a few of the songs we have been singing lately:
  • Lisela, Lisela - African song, expressing happiness
  • Tue Tue Barima - Ghanian childrens song
  • We are Rosa's lovely daughters, Robb Johnson, adapted and arr. Eileen Penman 
  • Shine on Me (gospel / blues) 
  • Bim bam biri biri bam  (Jewish)
  • Sisters, now our Meeting is over (USA  - Appalachian/Quaker)
  • Sithi Malwene (South African welcome song)
  • Bella Ciao, (women's struggle, trad. Ital, womens version.
  • I will not fight with you anymore (Ali Burns, written for IWD)
  • You can't kill the spirit, Little bear Morena, arr. Jane Schonveld 
  • Under the Full Moonlight, communally 'owned' by women, Greenham Common. 
  • By the Waters of Babylon, Trad. Tune, variation of psalm, sung about Palestine. 
  • A River of Birds in migration 
  • Tula Mama, South African Lullaby. 
  • Bella Mama
  • Inannay Kapuana (Aboriginal Australian children's song)
  • Tongo Tongo (Pacific Islands, trad.) 
  • Peace, Salaam, Shalom
  • Freedom Is A Noble Thing 
  • The Wimmin o' Dundee 
  • Five-A-Day (Mango, mango...)
  • All will be well
  • We are one voice - One Heart Beating 
  • Hackney Street Song 
  • Better Times  are coming
  • Si Si Si Si Dolada 
  • Witches Reel  
  • Cuil Fin Anai (Gaelic Lullaby -Irish) 
  • Waters Of The World
  • Dartington Round, English, written by a student. 
  • The waters of the world, trad. 
  • Ah Poor Bird (medieval english round)
  • Water of Tyne
  • California Dreaming
  • Sunshine on Leith
 If any member has a song that they would like to bring to the choir and teach, for all to sing, that would be welcome, so long as the song is agreed by choir members.

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