Our Song Leaders

Wildfire's song leader  is Penny Stone. Penny is very well known as a song-writer, performer, community musician and teacher,  and campaigner for peace and social justice - as well as being a great song leader with Wildfire.  


Penny's a busy person! So if Penny cannot make it, on occasion, we like to invite a guest song leader. And we also enjoy occasional Saturday Workshop sessions with different song leaders. 
If you are a song leader, or know one who might be interested in working with Wildfire on occasion, do please get in touch.
Contact the Committee via 



Penny Stone sings with / jointly organises Radical Voices, and is also a song leader with Protest in Harmony,

Penny Stone regularly works in Palestine, with local people and with the San Ghan’ny ('we shall sing') protest choir from Scotland.
Link here to a great  interview write-up about Penny's work and a brilliant song

The link below takes you to the International Women’s Peace Service, which has an article about the San Ghan’ny choir and local people in the West Bank, being attacked by the Israeli army with teargas and rubber bullets…very disturbing, but also inspiring to see the group singing – if you go on the link and scroll down to the article ‘Teargas, rubber bullets and peace songs’; there’s a short video that speaks for itself (advance to 6.58 on the timeline  to see Penny speak.)

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