What does it cost?

In order to pay for the room hire and the fees of our Song Leader, all choir members pay a small sum per term or per week/night.

£6 per weekly session or £3 for unwaged/low income (self-declared, we trust you).

Members are encouraged to pay 'up-front' for the full term, at the beginning of the term, and get a 10% discount for doing so.
For example, term fees for a 9 week term paid up front are: £48.60  (instead of £54)
or concessionary rate of £24.30  (instead of  £27) for unwaged / low income.

Free session for first-timers
If you are a possible new member coming along for the very first time, just to see whether Wildfire will suit you or not, you are not expected to pay anything for that 'introduction' session. It is free!

For our tea break on choir nights, volunteers bring biscuits, cake etc. A charge of 20p is made for tea/coffee, and 50p if you have biscuits or cake too.

Choir funds
We try to top up choir funds when we can. Many thanks to choir members who have helped with raising funds. Any new fundraising ideas- and offers of volunteering - gladly received! Also any ideas about appropriate grants the choir might apply for? If you have ideas please contact us - wildfirewomenschoir@gmail.com 

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