Welcome to Wildfire Womens Choir 

We are a friendly women's community choir, based in Edinburgh. We love to sing and we enjoy the support of belonging to the group.  We welcome any woman of any age or singing experience (or none) who would like to give it a try (no auditions).

Wildfire currently has a great song leader, Penny Stone. We would also like to meet any other song leaders who might be interested in working with us for occasional 'guest' sessions.  Please contact the committee. Email: wildfirechoir@yahoo.co.uk

What Wildfire does

We learn songs by ear alone - no need to read music, no musical accompaniment 

We sing in harmony - usually in three parts - 'top', 'middle' and 'bottom'

We sing songs from around the world, often about freedom, women's struggles, strength and solidarity.

We enjoy learning new songs, but also enjoy revisiting old favourites.

We sometimes get together for a Saturday Workshop, with a guest Song Leader, to have a longer time to sing, and sometimes a chance to share lunch.

We sometimes perform in public, a few times a year max., for example Friends and
Family concerts, fundraisers or community events.

As well as singing, choir members occasionally get together for meals, chats in the pub, and an annual weekend away. Being part of Wildfire gives women an opportunity to be part of something that is fun and that provides a sense of community. Many of the women involved haven't sung since their school days. Being part of this group has helped many build their confidence not only in singing, but in their day to day lives.

The strength of the choir is the endless enthusiasm, support and friendship of its members.

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